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  • “Big City” Libertarianism

    “Big City” Libertarianism

    The Libertarian Party (LP) is the third largest political party in the United States, with a membership that’s twice as large as the Green Party and twenty times as large as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Unlike the Greens and DSA, which draw a significant support from urban areas, the LP is significantly more…

  • What is “Municipalism”?

    What is “Municipalism”?

    Originally posted at municipalist.org The definition of “municipalism” is still up for grabs. If you Google the word you’ll be given a snippet from Wikipedia about “libertarian municipalism”,  a compelling but very specific utopian political philosophy of Murray Bookchin. Surely “municipalism” can and should mean something more. Over the last fifty years, the percentage of people around the globe living in urban areas has…

  • The Gifting Experience

    An amazing gifting phenomenon emerged during the occupation of Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square) in which strangers spontaneously organized themselves to provide food and shelter to anyone in need.  This organic emergence of mass generosity flowered for two months amidst the … Continue reading →

  • As If We Couldn’t

    If you listen to media’s murmuring, you’d think that the American people were ready to give up. The bankers are too crafty, the corporations too powerful and the politicians too pliant. We don’t know which way is up, where to turn or on whom to depend. We’re lost, sad, unhappy, and maybe a little overweight.…

  • Political Structure in 3D

    Political Structure in 3D

    Dahl’s definition of polyarchy is good, but it’s not complete. His theory doesn’t account for the most powerful force in politics: information distribution. Those who control access to information have tremendous political power because they can amplify certain elements within society and silence others. By adding openness to Dalh’s polyarchy graph as the third dimension,…

  • Trust People, Not Words

    If there is one thing I learned growing up the child of ‘branding professionals’ it’s that words can’t be trusted because clever people are willing to twist their meaning to meet their client’s demands. I believe this simple fact is responsible for much confusion throughout human history.

  • We Have Everything We Need

    Earlier this week I created – for the first time – a presentation that explains my life’s work. I’ve delivered it to a few people in it’s designless form and it feels natural. In fact, I have to resist grinning as I roll through it. I’ll post the presentation as soon as it looks as…