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I received three Google alerts involving my name this week.  All were related to my work with Occupy Wall Street.  Here they are, with a little commentary added by myself:

New Protest Apps Crowd-Sourced From Occupy Wall Street Hackers” by Tyler Kingkade.

Communities In Space: How Re-Framing Our Spaces Can Reshape Our Future” by Matt Cynamon.

Then we have “BLOG: Creating an alternative currency for the #globalrevolution ‘alternative world’ borg” by Brenda J. Elliott.  The article is somewhat inaccurate so I’ve written the following response.  I’d have posted in the comment section of the article but it’s too long, so here it is.


I’d like to applaud you on the most thoroughly researched post on my work with OWS to date.  There are a few inaccuracies I’d like to clear up:

First, the p2pfoundation isn’t involved in permabank.  At first we were using their wiki to document our efforts because they have a solid platform and community managers but we’ve since moved our documentation to wiki.occupyeverywhere.org.  It’s still very much incomplete and should greatly improve over the next 2-3 weeks.

Second, PermaBank is being written in Python/Django.  We were going to use Drupal to create a working demo but talented Python developers emerged so we’re going straight to the main event.

Third, FLO Solutions Working Group has no connection to the p2pfoundation except that we wrote up a page on their wiki.

Fourth, I don’t have any real connection to floEarth except that I’m friends with it’s creator.  If the project develops I might get more involved.

Fifth, it’s ‘Sarapis’ not ‘Serapis.’  Greek spelling.  I don’t know if you looked too deeply into who/what Sarapis is/was but I think you’ll find it interesting.

The tone of this piece makes it sound as if you’re describing some nefarious plot to take over the world when, if fact, my efforts are simply to help people use information technologies to create their own capital so they no longer have to rely on the currency politburo at the Federal Reserve.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss these issues further.






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