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  • Why I Didn’t Participate in “Occupy vs. Tea Party”

    I was initially very excited to participate in “Occupy vs. Tea Party” because I viewed it as a platform to bring the two political movements together through dialogue. The confrontational framing of the “debate” seemed like an obstacle that could be overcome by focusing on problems upon which both “sides” seem to agree: the central…

  • The Gifting Experience

    An amazing gifting phenomenon emerged during the occupation of Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square) in which strangers spontaneously organized themselves to provide food and shelter to anyone in need.  This organic emergence of mass generosity flowered for two months amidst the … Continue reading →

  • A little coverage

    I received three Google alerts involving my name this week. All were related to my work with Occupy Wall Street. Here they are, with a little commentary added by myself: “New Protest Apps Crowd-Sourced From Occupy Wall Street Hackers” by Tyler Kingkade. “Communities In Space: How Re-Framing Our Spaces Can Reshape Our Future” by Matt…

  • Favorite Bands of SxSW Showcase 2011

    I had the pleasure of listening to 850+ tracks from SxSW 2011 Showcase. Nothing like a week of new music to make working on my computer an absolute pleasure. Here’s a list of my favorite bands, with the best at the top. So much great music!

  • As If We Couldn’t

    If you listen to media’s murmuring, you’d think that the American people were ready to give up. The bankers are too crafty, the corporations too powerful and the politicians too pliant. We don’t know which way is up, where to turn or on whom to depend. We’re lost, sad, unhappy, and maybe a little overweight.…