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  • Presenting the Open Aid Movement at Open Source Bridge

    Presenting the Open Aid Movement at Open Source Bridge

    “Open source” is a method for putting intellectual property in the public domain, allowing anyone to use it however they see fit. I’m an advocate of the “open source way” because I believe that if more people shared intellectual property of all types – whether its farming techniques, software code, music, etc – then we’ll…

  • Occupy Sandy’s FLO Databases

    Occupy Sandy’s FLO Databases

    Have you ever been working on a spreadsheet and found that you just couldn’t get all the information you wanted into it? Have you ever looked at the horizontal and vertical cells and wished there were—somehow—a third dimension that gave you the ability to define more stuff? Well, that’s what databases do: they provide you…

  • Sandy, Sahana and Sarapis

    When “Superstorm Sandy” hit New York City on October 30th, dozens of relief organizations, hundreds of grassroots groups and thousands of people mobilized to provide aids to those most affected. The challenge of coordinating such a relief effort was felt by everyone involved. How do…The post Sandy, Sahana and Sarapis appeared first on Sarapis.