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  • Imagining SimNYCity

    Imagining SimNYCity

    I was eight years old when I first encountered a computer game called “SimCity.” The general premise of the game was that you were the mayor of a virtual city, and you would use game money to create a place for communities of “Sims” to live. First you set up basic infrastructure like roads, pipes, […]

  • Five Ways to Fight ISIS Without Killing People

    Five Ways to Fight ISIS Without Killing People

    Like many Americans with a memory, I’m stunned how easily this country can be convinced to support another undeclared war in the Middle East. All the media has to do is run a week of programming alluding to nice folks getting their heads chopped off, then do a big poll that establishes the “fact” that the general public wants action and then BAM: Drop the bombs! No Congress necessary.