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  • DIY Databases are Coming

    DIY Databases are Coming

    “The software revolution has given people access to countless specialized apps, but there’s one fundamental tool that almost all apps use that still remains out of reach of most non-programmers — the database.” AirTable.com on CrunchBase Database technology is boring but immensely important. If you have ever been working on a spreadsheet and wanted to be […]

  • As If We Couldn’t

    If you listen to media’s murmuring, you’d think that the American people were ready to give up. The bankers are too crafty, the corporations too powerful and the politicians too pliant. We don’t know which way is up, where to turn or on whom to depend. We’re lost, sad, unhappy, and maybe a little overweight. For a few brief moments we had HOPE that that America’s most powerful institutions could still solve our problems during commercial breaks. Yes we can, they whispered in our ears. Yes we can…