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  • Why I Didn’t Participate in “Occupy vs. Tea Party”

    I was initially very excited to participate in “Occupy vs. Tea Party” because I viewed it as a platform to bring the two political movements together through dialogue. The confrontational framing of the “debate” seemed like an obstacle that could be overcome by focusing on problems upon which both “sides” seem to agree: the central banking cartel, the destruction of civil liberties, the disempowerment of the general public, etc.

  • A little coverage

    I received three Google alerts involving my name this week. All were related to my work with Occupy Wall Street. Here they are, with a little commentary added by myself: “New Protest Apps Crowd-Sourced From Occupy Wall Street Hackers” by Tyler Kingkade. “Communities In Space: How Re-Framing Our Spaces Can Reshape Our Future” by Matt Cynamon. Then we have “BLOG: Creating an alternative currency for the #globalrevolution ‘alternative world’ borg” by Brenda J. Elliott. The article is somewhat inaccurate so I’ve written the following response. I’d have posted in the comment section of the article but it’s too long, so here it is.